MAGE Comics Magazine

MAGE Comics Magazine is a Fantasy and Science Fiction Genre Magazine produced in Second Life that features stories presented in comic book form. They released their first issue “The Second Life Adventures of Aldo the Alien” in April 2015 and have published a total of five issues to the day. The third issue has been also released as machinima video and is available in Youtube.

As reviewed in MAGE Magazine Website:

The Second Life Adventures of Aldo the Alien is a satire of the behaviour of individuals who interact with each other in an inconsequential environment. By using “handles” (internet nomme de plumes) in place of their actual names and, from the apparent safety of their homes, internet users often behave in a manner much more aggressive and verbally abusive than they would in a real life face to face confrontation. Unfortunately much of this bad behaviour filters into virtual worlds such as Second Life and, in lieu of any kind of mediator to step in to ensure people behave in a civilized manner, MAGE Magazine has unleashed the satirical bite of Aldo the Alien.

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