Pipi The Nihilist Clown

Back to Earth

Planet Earth was intervened thousands of years ago.
Human DNA and consciousness were re-programmed
to favor a material reality.

Now most people only praise for ego and matter
and rejoice surrendering to superficiality.
Just a few are able to perceive the essential.

Do you really want to go there?

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Where human things get lost,
pain spreads like a virus.
They will infect you and you will infect others,
some will hurt you and you will hurt a few.
You may come to believe this is your destiny,
and you’ll wish you was never there.

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The worse pain will come
when you challenge that fake destiny.
They will judge you and make you fall.
And everything you do out of love
will be misunderstood.

You will become strong,
you will blossom again,
and you will hurt once more
when you see those you love suffer.

Then you’ll learn to forgive,
and you will understand
no human wills to be evil
and pain is not from this world.

Humanity was re-programmed by archons
to feed on our suffering.
And they will use their servants
to seduce you and trap you in.

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You will have the chance to leave,
and you’ll return to the Fountain.
You might choose to come back,
and repeat the cycles,
to bring new light to Earth.

Each time you will do better,
your shine will be brighter
and you will spread love.

And one day,
will be human again.
And the intervention will succumb
to the love of our hearts.

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Written and Photographed by
Jose Squeegee

Produced in Second Life by
The Poetic Device



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